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Design and Physical Realization of Phased Array Antennas for MIMO/Beam Steering Applications

When designing phased array antennas for your RF and microwve systems, measure MIMO and beamsteering technologies accurately with EM simulation tools.

Whether a microwave phased array antenna or a phased array radar antenna are your design focuses, these antenna systems are unavoidable in current communications technologies. Beamsteering technologies as well as MIMO devices pose difficulties to any system design using them; however, with robust EM simulation tool capabilities you and your designs will move forward in any antenna design capacity.

This white paper will go over:

  • Why Phased Arrays
  • Antenna Elements and Design Parameters
  • Antenna Geometries, Synthesis, and Physical Realization
  • Configuring Phased Array Antennas
  • Feed Networks
  • Generating Designs from the Wizard
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