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5G Communications

Designing tried-and-true 5g technologies, or new applications of mmWave 5g systems demands accurate and strong tools. 5g mmWave antenna design stops for nobody!

Examining 5g technologies for 5g network system design is ever-expanding with innovations toward mmWAve technologies as well as heading toward 6g devices. When you’re designing your next 5g network systems, using tools intended for RF and microwave design elements as well as proper EM simulation capacities will ensure that your 5g networks are not only successful but also able to contend with the most technologically advanced demands. 

This white paper will go over:

  • Basics of Design: Raising the Levels of 5G mmWave Signals
  • Designing a Narrowband 28GHz Bandpass Filter for 5G
  • AWR Visual System Simulator Testbench for Verizon 5G Technical Forum Downlink
  • Product Flow for 5G/LTE Envelope-Tracking PAs
  • Filter Technologies for 5G Communication Systems
  • Advances in System-Level Simulation to Support 5G
  • 5G/MIMO Design With Circuit/Antenna In-Situ Simulations
  • MIMO and Beam-Steering Modeling in Support of 5G
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