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Ship Propeller Design: Full Scale at Full Speed with MMG Propellers and Damen Marine Components

Accurate and Fast

The demanding market situation combined with more stringent regulations require using the best available CFD tools in both the design and evaluation process of the ship propeller.

Best tools means you can trust the accuracy of the result, get all the data you need from that result and ideally get to that result as fast as possible.

However, Identifying and solving for desired design criteria results in a complex optimization problem, especially as many criteria often having conflicting impacts.

Industry leaders Damen Marine Components and MMG propellers will walk you through how they’ve tackled ship propeller design challenges using NUMECA’s simulation solution, without compromise between robustness, accuracy and speed.

Quarterbacked by our NUMECA marine team, you’ll also gain valuable insights on the extremely easy-to-use workflow we've created thanks to the best practices implemented behind the scenes.  


  • Run accurate numerical predictions of the ship propulsion with FINE™/Marine. We will explore the different meshing techniques and modeling methods to represent a propeller, their advantages and drawbacks 
  • Predict global propulsion performances and local physical phenomenon like cavitation, ventilation, etc.
  • Go beyond the limits of standard deterministic approaches and take into account geometrical uncertainties while increasing the propulsion performances.
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