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End-To-End Aerodynamic Simulation Workflow of The DrivAer in Omnis™

While the use of CFD is now very common in the car industry, the practice of setting up such simulations is not always trouble-free. OMNIS™ offers solutions to those issues by providing an end-to-end platform from importing the CAD to analyzing the results with fast and reliable tools.

Cleaning CAD data to provide geometries suitable for meshing and simulation is now a problem of the past thanks to AutoSeal. OMNIS™/Hexpress provides full-hex meshes with hanging nodes or hex-dominant meshes in a quasi-automatic way, with minimum user input. OMNIS™/Open-DBS offers a reliable and easy-to-use simulation environment with dedicated co-and post-processing capabilities.

Discover how NUMECA's OMNIS™ helps in aerodynamic development of cars with fast and reliable results. The webinar will present a full-chain workflow for aerodynamic simulation of the DrivAer car model. 

During This Webinar, You Will Learn About...

  • End-to-end workflows for external aerodynamic simulations of cars in OMNIS™

  • Automatic CAD repair with AutoSeal

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