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Boost Your Productivity with The New Release of OMNIS™ V4.1

The OMNIS™ next-generation software environment has been upgraded with new multi-view templates, flexible family trees and fully-supported Python API.

OMNIS™ now integrates all tools for turbomachinery CFD simulations

  • Multi-block structured mesh generation with OMNIS™/Autogrid.
  • Turbomachinery simulations with OMNIS™/Turbo. The new version offers all turbomachinery-dedicated simulation capabilities including Non-Linear Harmonics. It now supports hybrid meshes with structured and unstructured domains combined in an efficient manner, for maximum performance and flexibility.
  • Turbomachinery-dedicated three-dimensional, meridional, and blade-to-blade post-processing in OMNIS™/Post.

Unstructured grid generation has been extended in OMNIS™/Hexpress to multi-block conformal or non-conformal meshing, among other features.

The integration of OMNIS™/Open-DBS multiphysics capabilities is almost complete, including OpenLabs™ customization, multi-material domains, combustion models, conjugate heat transfer, Lagrangian particle tracking, etc...

This webinar will showcase many of the 100+ new features added to OMNIS™ 4.1 that greatly extend the range of capabilities of the platform and boost your productivity.

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With an industry-leading meshing approach and a robust host of solver and post-processing capabilities, Cadence Fidelity provides a comprehensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) workflow for applications including propulsion, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, and combustion.

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