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Aeronautics Design Solutions - Part 2: Sonic Boom Prediction for Supersonic Aircraft

The return of commercial supersonic flight is on the horizon. A number of companies around the globe are racing to be the first to develop the next generation supersonic airliners. NUMECA's FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ is a reference solution for accurate and fast CFD analysis, thanks to a range of tailored solutions and best practices we developed for aeronautics in collaboration with various industrial partners.

In this webinar, see how FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ delivers high-accuracy results for the aerodynamic behavior of supersonic aircraft. We will present a full-chain workflow for the aerodynamics simulation of a NASA Concept 25D supersonic aircraft, starting with tailored mesh generation techniques.   


  • High-fidelity and automatic workflows for supersonic aircraft simulations
  • Sonic boom prediction techniques applied to the NASA Concept 25D supersonic aircraft
  • How to tailor mesh orientation and resolution for accurate sonic boom predictions
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