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Aeronautics Design Solutions - Part 3: Full Aircraft Meshing and Simulation Within OMNIS™

As development cycles get shorter and as regulatory constraints become more and more stringent on aircraft manufacturers, CFD becomes an important tool to reduce development costs and allow digital prototyping.

For CFD to be relevant in an industrial context such as this one, the capability to generate meshes and simulations quasi-automatically and with a very high quality for full aircraft configurations, is paramount. It allows engineers to quickly test all types of design variations and their impact on full scale models, despite the many challenges that this entails.

Join us for this webinar and see how OMNIS™, with its dedicated applications for the aerospace industry, provides an entire workflow on an industrially representative full aircraft geometry, requiring minimal user input and with highly accurate results.


  • Geometry import and clean-up using automatic tools within OMNIS™ (incl AutoSeal, the fastest approach for CAD preparation on the market today)
  • High-quality meshing with OMNIS™/Hexpress, at speeds of up to two orders of magnitude faster than competitive products.
  • Fast and user-friendly simulation in OMNIS™/Open-DBS with on the fly co-processing of the results, leveraging the power of the OMNIS platform
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