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Aeronautics Design Solutions - Part 1: External Aerodynamics

CFD has revolutionized the aerospace industry, but it hasn’t come without challenge. From dealing with complex geometries, requirements of high precision results for both external aerodynamics and engine performance, the combination of various physics (FSI, Acoustics), flight conditions (Sub/Supersonic) etc., CFD in aviation is complex and dynamic, but a key element of the design process. 

Fastest Solver

Finding solutions to these problems is tough enough but what if we told you, you could get those solutions 10X faster? Would you perform 10x as many design variations to explore the product envelope or would you go to prototype 10 times faster?

From propulsion, acoustics to external aero and optimization, NUMECA’s powerful CFD Flow Integrated Environment dedicated to Multiphysics helps you ensure your competitive advantage and we will show you how.

Various Aeronautic Topics Coming to You

Our aeronautic solution series will provide you a full aero solution. The first part of the series is a webinar dedicated to external aero for supersonic, subsonic, passenger, light aircrafts and drones. 


  • High fidelity and automatic workflows for external aero simulation
  • Integrating multiple physics such as Fluid Structure Interaction 
  • Uncertainty quantification: The first step to Robust Design Optimization for real world performance evaluation

...all of the above at 10-20 times the speed of any other solution.

About the Author

With an industry-leading meshing approach and a robust host of solver and post-processing capabilities, Cadence Fidelity provides a comprehensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) workflow for applications including propulsion, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, and combustion.

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