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Automatic Hexahedral Mesh Generation in OMNIS™

Generating high-quality CFD meshes can be an engineering time-consuming process, or else lead to poor and unreliable simulation results when overlooked.

To boost your productivity, the OMNIS™ platform offers many capabilities to fully automate the grid generation process yielding high-quality meshes of multiple design variations for all users.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate the automatic fluid-solid grid generation for an E-V battery application.

A reference mesh will be generated with the conformal thin-wall approach. With a unique mesh setup and a minimal number of clicks, OMNIS™/Hexpress automatically detects the fluid and solid parts, generates a high-quality unstructured mesh with consistent cell size refinement, and a conformal-matching interface between the two domains.

Every action performed is recorded with the Python API and can be automatically re-played or embedded in an automation workflow. 

The reference project is then saved as an application template to be shared with other collaborators with best-practice presets.

Thanks to the flexible family tree and the multi-design capability, we will demonstrate the push-button mesh generation for a design new variation.

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