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End-To-End Aerodynamics CFD Simulation of A Car

Optimizing the external aerodynamics ​​​of a car can greatly improve vehicle performance and reduce fuel consumption. It can also significantly enhance passenger comfort by reducing cabin noise. And accurate prediction of front-end airflow enables optimizing thermal management of key components like heat exchanger, disc brakes, etc...

The use of high-fidelity CFD simulation tools early in the design process, allows for testing a large number of design variations and highly refining the performance of a new design, long before proceeding to physical prototypes testing and validation. 

OMNIS™ provides an end-to-end CFD environment with dedicated tools to solve each step of the simulation process quickly and efficiently. The intuitive interface guides the user through highly automated workflows, helping engineers make intelligent design decisions and decide between trade-offs like minimizing wind resistance and adequate cooling of the heat exchangers.

Aerodynamics, underhood thermal management, rotating equipment analysis of pumps, turbochargers, fans, etc. and aero- and vibro-acoustics tools are all accessible from within the same multiphysics environment.

During this webinar our experts will present the end-to-end CFD workflow for aerodynamic simulation of three design variants of the DrivAer car model.

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