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5G NR Primer for Amplifier and Filter Design

5g RF filters and power amplifiers aid in the connectivity of wireless networks. Use strong EM tools and system design environments dedicated to 5g technology.

In RF and Microwave wireless systems and circuit design environments, RF filter design and power amplifiers, especially RFIC power amplifiers, consistently affect the stability of your designs with their necessary input on impedances and interference. Ensuring that you use great EM simulation tools will go far in managing waveforms, radiation, and EMI in your 5g systems. 

This white paper will go over:

  • Product Flow for 5G/LTE Envelope Tracking PAs
  • Filter Technologies for 5G Communication Systems
  • AWR VSS Testbench for Verizon 5G Downlink System
  • Advances in System-Level Modeling Support 5G
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