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Cadence Celsius Thermal Solver


For today's datacenter, designing electronics to analyze the deluge of data presents challenges in throughput, performance, and energy. Minimizing and dissipating heat is a primary design objective. The complex interactions of electrical-thermal co-simulation require that components in the system be accurately modeled and analyzed in more detail than ever before. You need a true 3D solution that can scale to the entire chip, package, board, and enclosure. Cadence Celsius Thermal Solver offers full system scalability with 3D analysis accuracy, uniquely combining finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics algorithms, performing steady-state and transient analysis, while leveraging cloud computing to maximize throughput. Celsius can import design files from chip, package, board, and enclosure design tools, working seamlessly with production-proven Cadence solutions such as Voltus, Virtuoso, and Allegro, to improve designer productivity while creating an optimal thermal design.

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