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Power Aware-Aware Analysis | Sigrity PowerSI Technology

An electrical system consisting of multiple power supply voltages might fail due to PDN noise. It’s critical to maintain the required current and voltage levels with least power fluctuations to ensure acceptable levels of PDN noise. With Sigrity PowerSI you can easily identify coupling issues, power/ground fluctuations and design areas which aren’t meeting target voltages. Learn more about Sigrity X: Get a Free Trial of Cadence OnCloud Platform for the Multiphysics Analyst: Subscribe to our Channel: Disclaimer: This video may have been recorded prior to changes made to the product’s user interface, or the video may be based on an earlier release of the product. The concepts and workflows conveyed in this video still apply to the current release of the product. Stay Connected by Following On –   Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: #Sigrity #OnCloud #CadenceDesignSystems

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