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Phased-Array Antenna Simulation for 5G

Phased array antenna systems, well-known for their use in radar and aerospace systems, are now seeing greater use in commercial applications. MIMO and Beam-steering phased array antennas are enabling technologies for achieving over-the-air spatial efficiency called for by 5G and emerging radar applications (i.e. self-driving cars). The commercialization of this antenna technology will require novel antenna designs/array configurations in order to tackle stringent electrical requirements (beam-steering angle, effective radiated power, side-lobes, etc.) and size constraints. This presentation introduces new capabilities in Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) software that guide engineers through the design, analysis and physical realization of these new arrays, incorporating real-world radiation patterns, RF links, effects of mutual coupling and other hardware impairments, all within a user-friendly interface to define the array configuration and perform the initial phased array simulation. This webinar also includes a demo of the phased array capabilities in the Cadence  AWR Design Environment platform. Presented by: Steve Tucker and Dr. Gent Paparisto, Cadence

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