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Network Synthesis Automates Interactive Matching-Circuit Design

Reducing product development time requires design tools that support and expedite all stages of development, from translating performance requirements into an initial design through to optimization, physical realization, and final verification. This webinar examines the new network synthesis capability for the development of impedance-matching circuits that is available as an add-on module to Microwave Office circuit design software. This technology is used largely for RF/microwave applications to ensure that performance is optimized across the frequency band of interest. It can also be used to establish the best possible conjugate match to the system impedance for a broadband antenna, synthesizing an output-matching network that enables a power amplifier (PA) to meet efficiency and power performance targets, as well as for creating an input-matching network that gives the best possible noise figure (NF) across frequency for a low-noise amplifier (LNA). Presented by: Dr. John Dunn, Cadence

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