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Phased-array Antenna Design for Multiple-in-multiple-out (MIMO) and Beam Steering Applications

This Cadence® AWR Design Environment® platform web-based demonstration provides users of AWR® software with a jump start on using Visual System Simulator™ for phased-array antenna design for multiple-in-multiple-out (MIMO) and beam steering applications. The web-training session will include software demonstrations of design examples. Presented by: Joel Kirshman and Dr. Gent Paparisto, Cadence

Antenna Design Software: Phased Array Simulation

If you're looking for RF webinars, this webinar will give you expert instruction, example, and software demonstrations toward antenna design. Specifically catered to phased array antennas, any antenna engineer will feel comfortable working with well known antenna elements or alternative possibilities in this RF and microwave space. New frequency bands, new technologies, and new iterations are always creating adaptations to tried-and-true design methods. 

Don't build workflows around temporary alternatives, instead trust in modelling and simulation software that will ensure your designs are able to move into production with accuracy and satisfaction. 

Antenna Simulation: HF Antenna Modelling and Antenna Placement

Phased array simulation will want to be looking at antenna radiation patterns, as well as coupling in realistic environments. Additionally, model waveforms and determine inductor resonance within your antenna analyzer software. This antenna webinar is looking to really increase your engineering efficiency to enable informed decision making of antenna elements as well as understanding a vast array of antennas like RFID antennas, wave, horn, helical and reflectors.  

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