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First Pass Design Methodology for a Broadband 100 W RFPA

This presentation demonstrates a design methodology for a broadband RFPA for continuous wave (CW) operation using load pull for optimal impedance extraction, network synthesis, and electromagnetic analysis. Requirements for the amplifi er were a minimum output power of 80 W over the operating bandwidth while maintaining saturated power flatness across the band. The design uses a commercially available packaged GaN on SiC device and the integrated design fl ow within NI AWR Design Environment, specifically Microwave Office, to produce a first-pass reference design. The design was achieved using the device non-linear GaN HEMT model, ATC capacitor models, and Microwave Office, including EM analysis and layout. Also demonstrated is a jig-based method for impedance network measurement and optimal tuning. Presented by: Jack Brunning, SARAS Technology

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