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Rapid Viscous CFD Mesh Generation for Propellers

Quickly constructing a high-quality surface and volume mesh for a propeller can be a very intricate process. Geometrical features such as the blade tip and hub regions, may elicit highly skewed or stretched surface elements. To compound the situation, in the chordwise direction, sufficient clustering of surface elements along the leading and trailing edges are needed to adequately capture blade surface curvature. In this video, several strategies are discussed and demonstrated using the APC Slow Flyer 8 x 3.8 model aircraft propeller with the intended purpose of mitigating the previously mentioned obstacles standing between you and the mesh you desire.


  • Rapidly construct a high-quality mesh for a propeller geometry
  • Ensure spatial conformity among adjacent connectors using the Synchronize Spacings command
  • Quickly apply 2-D T-Rex to resolve surface curvature
  • Improve meshing efficiency with the latest user interface enhancements
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