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Mastering Geometry Cleanup in Pointwise

Importing and manipulating CAD geometry in Pointwise to make it more suitable for meshing is not always well understood, and it sometimes may seem coincidental when you finally assemble your surfaces into a solid model. This webcast aims to remove any ambiguities involving the suite of CAD tools available in Pointwise. Participants should come away with a better understanding of the geometry creation and editing utilities available to them, how to better anticipate their behavior, and how to identify situations that can influence meshing decisions.


  • Leverage the Import Database panel and let Pointwise detect suitable tolerances automatically for you
  • Visualize model tolerances using new Examine metrics and discover how they can influence meshing decisions
  • Identify and heal gaps in geometry to expedite watertight model assembly prior to meshing
  • Apply strategies for identifying and recreating missing and untrimmed surfaces
  • Distinguish whether your imported geometry is ready for meshing and discover why some potential issues are not apparent in your CAD application
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