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RF Electronics: Design and Simulation

For RF electronic design, managing everything from transmission lines to impedance, frequency bands, and power amplifiers can all qualify circuit difficulties.

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In RF and Microwave wireless systems and circuit design environments, there are many factors at work in order to create design success. Thankfully, circuit analysis options for transmission line voltages, impedance values, targeting necessary frequency bands, as well as for utilizing resource intensive components like power amplifiers of LTCC multilayered embeds all exist and are capable of carrying forth the innovation goals you have. 

The following topics are discussed in this eBook:

  • Computer Simulation
  • Transformers and Hybrids
  • Transmission Line Transformers and Hybrids
  • Frequency Mixers
  • Oscillators
  • RF Filters
  • Amplifiers: Stability, Noise and Gain
  • Impedance Matching of Power Amplifiers
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Circuit Manufacture
  • Importing Local Vendor and XML Libraries
  • Producing Graphs using AWR DE

RF Electronics - Design and Simulation eBook is authored by Professor Keith Kikkert of James Cook University.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission of Cornelis J. Kikkert.

Publisher: James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, 4811. 2022 Edition, Copyright © 2022 C. J. Kikkert, ISBN 978-0-6486803-9-0.

This is the fourth edition of this book. The earlier editions were: The 2018 edition, ISBN 978-0-9954470-8-0, the 2015 Edition, ISBN 978-0-9942333-0-1, and the 2013 edition, ISBN 978-0-9873109-3-4.

The accompanying AWR DE project files are also Copyright © 2022 C. J. Kikkert, ISBN 978-0-6486803-9-0. All or part of their content may also be copyrighted under earlier editions of this book. C. J. Kikkert grants readers of this book permission to use these project files and to modify them, in order to gain an understanding of the material presented in this publication. The text contained in the “Design Notes” of the project files may not be altered or removed from the project files.

The mentioning of any commercial companies in this book is not done as an endorsement. They are mentioned purely in order to better describe the material presented in this book.

Cadence Design Systems Inc. (owners of AWR) has been given a license to distribute this publication and the accompanying project files through the University Program of Cadence AWR. For any questions in relation to this material, please contact:


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