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Meshing Automation and Adaptability in Pointwise V18.1

Watch this webinar introducing the new features found in Pointwise Version 18.1. Learn about the new suite of tools that support overset meshing projects. New features include Frameworks for independent body meshing with local coordinate systems and instancing. We are also demonstrating new examine features including persistent cutting planes, diagnostic filters, picking cut plane locations, and creating point cloud sources from various types of displayed examine cells or overset objects. See how to include domains when adapting your mesh to sources. Watch now to learn how these newly released capabilities can make your meshing projects easier.


  • Easily manage a system of multi-body overset meshes using Frameworks.
  • Keep track of your key examine diagnostics using Persistent Cuts.
  • Quickly construct new block topology using Build Blocks, and much more.


Erick Gantt is the senior meshing specialist on our Technical Support Team. After earning a B.S. in aerospace engineering (cooperative plan) from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1987, Mr. Gantt joined General Dynamics, Fort Worth Division (now Lockheed Martin Aeronautics), where he worked for a short time on the National Aerospace Plane Project (NASP) program performing CFD analysis. He spent the remainder of his time at Lockheed Martin working in the CFD Group performing CFD analysis for advanced F-16 designs, the F-22 program, and finally the JSF program prior to joining Pointwise in 1997. 

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