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DATASHEET MMIC Design with AWR Software Simulation and design flow technologies that support MMIC product development III-V semiconductor devices offer superior RF performance for mobile devices, communications infrastructure, and aerospace applications. Achieving optimal performance requires reliable circuit simulation, electromagnetic (EM) verification, communications testbenches, and a design flow that links electrical design to physical realization. Cadence ® AWR Design Environment ® software offers a leading front-to-back monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) design flow with an innovative user interface and complete integration of design entry, simulation, and physical design tools that enhances engineering productivity and ensures first- pass success. MMIC Design Advantage The AWR Design Environment platform offers the process design kits (PDKs), simulation technology, and design automation to accelerate MMIC development from concept to product, with the flexibility to tackle any design challenge. Design wizards and project templates help designers ramp up their design starts quickly and take existing designs to the next level of performance.

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