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Qorvo GaN Discrete PA Design

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SUCCESS STORY Key Challenges To create this hybrid discrete power amplifier (PA), Qorvo wanted to provide a highly broadband solution that was inexpensive and had a small footprint, but this made implementing multiple stages a difficult task given size constraints. The designer chose to use a bridged T topology because it allowed him to match the input of a single transistor to 50Ω while minimizing die area. The packaged amplifier needed to demonstrate 5W of output power and 40-50% power-added efficiency (PAE) across the 1 – 2.7GHz range. The transistor was sized such that the 50Ω termination on the output matches well to its target load line, so that the output can be left unmatched. A transistor with 1.24mm periphery was chosen, and, additionally, a transistor with 2.48mm periphery was also designed, which provides a favorable load line and similar die area, but was not used in this design. The final monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) used for the hybrid discrete PA solution is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: Fabricated MMIC used for the hybrid discrete PA solution Qorvo and Cadence GaN Discrete PA Design Using AWR Software Application X Qor vo Hybrid Discrete Power Amplifier Software X Cadence ® AWR Design Environment ® Sof tware Por t folio, including: ɢ Cadence AWR ® Microwave Office ® Circuit Design Software ɢ Cadence AWR AXIEM ® Planar Electromagnetic (EM) Simulator Benefits X Ease of use X User productivity X Reduction in design time

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