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DATASHEET Module Design with AWR Software Simulation and design flow technologies that support module product development RF modules combine multiple integrated circuits (ICs) into a single package, offering a large amount of functionality in a small space. This level of device integration can be an engineering challenge, requiring design teams to model the electrical behavior of different monolithic microwave ICs (MMICs), RFICs, and laminate technologies, including interconnects (transmission lines) and embedded distributed components, as well as RF, analog, and digital components. Electronic design automation (EDA) software is critical for achieving simulation results that are closely matched to the final results. Module Design Advantage Module designers use multiple technologies, including III-V semiconductor MMICs, silicon-based RFICs, and multi- ple-layer laminates, to achieve optimal performance in the smallest footprint. Each technology is encapsulated in a specific process design kit (PDK) that details the electrical and physical attributes of the manufacturing process. The Cadence ® AWR Design Environment ® platform offers a multi-technology design flow supporting hierarchical projects composed of diverse process-defined subcircuits, as well as circuit/EM co-simulation to model on-chip passives, transmission lines, interconnects, and multi- layer laminate packaging.

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