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5G Primer for MIMO/Phased-Array Antennas

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Advances in 5G System-Level Modeling The exploration phase for high-performance 5G communication systems is well under-way with ongoing investigations into enabling technologies that will support the use of more spectrum and mmWave frequencies, smaller high-density cells, improved device power efficiency, new modulation schemes for diverse device coexistence, and high directivity over-the-air (OTA) transmission made possible through the implementation of massive MIMO antenna arrays and beam steering technol- ogies. 5G On the Way The goals for 5G communications are very ambitious: 10,000 times more traffic, 1,000 times increased capacity, much lower latency, very high peak and sustained data rates, much longer battery life, and lower device cost. As the infographic in Figure 1 conveys, the planned requirements for 5G mobile networks include: f Peak data rate: 10 gigabits per second f Reaction speed (latency): less than 1 millisecond f Network reliability: 99.999% f Number of devices: more than 1 million per square mile f Energy efficiency: 10% of current consumption f Max speed of reliable coverage: 300 miles per hour Figure 1: Goals for high-performance 5G (image courtesy of Nokia Bell Labs) Unique 5G Design Challenges In support of 5G, the range of mobile communication frequencies will be extended to include new spectrum allocations below 6GHz, as well as higher frequency bands that will complement the lower bands by providing additional system capacity and very wide transmission bandwidths on the order of 1GHz or more for bands above 30GHz. These higher frequency ranges will provide the very wide bandwidths necessary for extreme data rates in dense deployments. However, since frequencies above 30GHz have inferior propagation properties (higher loss), the lower bands will be more commonly used, serving as the backbone for 5G mobile communication networks. 5G Primer for MIMO/Phased-Array Antennas 3

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