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Design and Physical Realization of Phased Array Antennas for MIMO/Beam Steering Applications

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Design and Physical Realization of Phased Array Antennas for MIMO/Beam Steering Applications 4 The capabilities of the simulator products within the platform are illustrated in Table 1, with the design flow represented in Figure 3. Table 1: Software tools and functionality supporting a comprehensive phased array antenna design workflow Figure 3: The AWR VSS phased array generator wizard uses designer input to generate the antenna array, amplitude/phase shift elements, and combiner/divider system-level network This design flow supports the specification and development of phased array antenna systems with the capabilities described below. f Specification and synthesis of the array/antenna using AWR VSS system-level link analysis. From these requirements, an antenna designer can synthesize the physical antenna using the AWR AntSyn synthesis and optimization tool for further EM analysis and development. f EM analysis of designs generated in AWR AntSyn software. These designs can be exported into multiple formats for EM analysis, which provides the radiation pattern that is used by the phased array generator wizard to analyze the array performance. EM analysis is also used to verify the performance of the entire array using physical information about the array configuration specified in the wizard. f Generation of radiation patterns with EM analysis and linking the array element to the radiation pattern. Using AWR AXIEM or Analyst simulators to perform the EM analysis of the individual radiating elements, the physical structure can be imported into the EM layout editor and analyzed. These simulators also support generating the radiation pattern data file in the format used by the phased array generator wizard. f Optimization of the individual-element radiation pattern. The array size, shape, element spacing, element grouping, and feed network details can be specified. f Generation of a system view of a system- or circuit-based hierarchical schematic. The automation built into the VSS phased array wizard can be used to generate the phased array data file, the system diagram (test bed), and the circuit schematic and EM structure (array). f Verification of the array and validation of performance with EM analysis. The array with feed at the system level can be analyzed and circuit-level details incorporated for greater accuracy using AWR Microwave Office, AXIEM, Analyst, and/or supported third-party EM software. Phased Array Workflow Featuring AWR Software System Simulation AWR VSS software for RF link budget analysis Antenna Synthesis AWR AntSyn software to synthesis design from performance specs Array Design AWR VSS phased array wizard to configure/ analyze phased arrays Circuit Simulation AWR Microwave Office software to analyze array/active front-end interaction EM Simulation AWR AXIEM and Analyst tools and AWR Connected software to generate far-field antenna radiation patterns

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